About Us


Panoy Bistro is proudly the first Lao restaurant in Nevada County (Grass Valley, CA). We specialize in fresh and spicy Lao cuisine from the lovely and exotic country of Laos in South East Asia! "Panoy" means little fish in the Lao language.

If you have not been to Laos, then Panoy Bistro is where you can experience the fresh and spicy flavors of Lao food and learn about the Lao and their simply beautiful country of Laos while dining locally in lovely Nevada County (Grass Valley, CA).

We only accept CASH and MAJOR CREDIT CARDS.
530-268-LAOS  (5267)

LUNCH:  Mon-Fri @ 11:30am-3pm
DINNER:  Mon-Sat @ 5-9pm

We're closed all day on Sunday.

CATEGORY: Lao restaurant
CUISINE: Lao cuisine


Panoy Bistro
442 Colfax Avenue
Grass Valley, CA 95945
(across from Memorial Park)

We've listed some information about the Lao and their country of Laos.

The cuisine of the country of Laos is called Lao cuisine ... please consider asking Yelp to correct the mistake on its website by visiting http://www.yelp.com/contact (choose "Ideas to improve Yelp") and asking Yelp to change its Laotian cuisine category to Lao cuisine.